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When should I go to the ER instead of Urgent Care?
The ER would be better equipped to assist you if you have a medical care emergency such as severe abdominal pain accompanied with vomiting and/or diarrhea, or if you’ve had a serious head injury or chest pain/pressure with shortness of breath and/or dizziness. There are several factors as to why the ER would be the right choice for you in these situations, but the common goal is that you get the proper health care needed in a timely manner.

Go To Emergency Room If:
  • You feel your life is threatened.

  • You have a life-threatening illness.

  • You have a limp-threatening injury.

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Severe bleeding

  • Major trauma and/or fracture

  • Severe chest pain

  • Sudden loss of vision or blurred vision


When should I come into the Urgent Care?
You can be seen here for a multitude of reasons large or small. If you have a medical care issue ranging from cold & flu symptoms, lab work testing, migraines, muscle sprains/strains, broken bones and everything in between. For a sample listing of the types of services, the clinic provides, go to the “Services” page of this website.


Can Your Care do X-Rays? 

Absolutely!  Your Care has a state of the art, on-site, digital x-ray system.  Our providers can see the x-ray 6 seconds after it is taken.  We have all x-rays read by radiologists.   we can usually supply you with any kind of referrals that you might need, whether it be for physical therapy or a surgeon.


Can you be my primary care physician?

Though we are not a primary care clinic, we can see you when you are in between doctors, new to the area and look for a PCP, when you cannot get into your PCP, when you have an urgent matter, or if you do not have a PCP and would like general care.  


Do we accept the Oregon Health Plan?
Yes, we accept Oregon Health Plan; when checking in we will need to see your health care card or paperwork indicating you have coverage and a picture ID prior to being seen.


Do I need to make an appointment?
No. We are a walk-in clinic and see patients on a first-come and triage basis. Just bring your photo ID and your insurance card(s) or if you don’t have insurance we accept cash, credit and debit cards. Walk-in whenever is best for you during our hours of operation.


We do offer appointments for our occupational medicine clients, follow-up appointments, physicals such as wellness, employment, and DOT and workman's compensation.

Does Your Care do televisits?  Yes!  Your Care offers televisits for a variety of medical needs.  Call Your Care at 541-548-2899 to schedule your televisit today.


What do I need for a televisit?  To do a televisit with Your Care you only need a device that can accept text messages and video.  For a televisit, you do not need to download a program or remember a password.  Your Care makes televisits easy.

Can I call in and secure a place in line?

Yes!  Call 541-548-2899 and we will take your basic information and secure a place in our waiting room queue for you.  Watch for our web check-in coming soon.  Please note, being in line means you will be the next up at that time and that there may be people being seen ahead of you.


How do I go about getting a refill on a prescription of mine?
The best most efficient way to get a refill on a prescription is to come in and be seen.


Can Your Care do referrals?
Yes!  Your Care can usually supply you with any kind of referrals that you might need, whether it be for physical therapy or a surgeon.  There are some insurance plans, such as OHP, which restrict us from doing your referral, and a PCP is necessary.


What types of immunizations and screenings do you offer?
We offer Flu, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hep B and Hep A immunizations as well as  Tuberculosis screening.  We also offer pregnancy, strep, flu, h Pylori and more.  Your Care can process hundreds of labs and manage results for you.